Dear Agnes Irwin
School Community,

Since its founding in 1869, The Agnes Irwin School has provided an exceptional educational experience that launches young women on their journey to self-discovery. The school intentionally creates a culture of academic excellence that empowers each girl to learn, to lead, and to live a legacy.

What sets The Agnes Irwin School apart is our commitment to the holistic development of each girl and our approach to encouraging students to make connections in learning, to think creatively, and to forge her own path. AIS challenges each girl to be her best self and is a community where girls cheer each other on, champion everyone, and nurture relationships.

The life-changing events of the past several years have prompted reflection on the commitments that we must make to enhance best practices in teaching and learning, and to authentically model the principles of equity and belonging in our actions and policies. Building upon a long-standing foundation of academic excellence and expertise in girls’ education, we are poised to meet the needs of each student in an ever-changing world and this plan illustrates how.

To that end, I’m thrilled to present our 2022-2027 strategic plan: “A Boundless Vision of Success.” This plan aligns our mission and activates our core values. Moreover, it inspires our community around clear priorities that will ensure every girl achieves her own boundless vision of success. To achieve our fullest potential as a school, we will engage all members of the community to bring this plan to fruition. I hope you’re as excited as I am for what’s to come.

Sally Keidel
Head of School

The Agnes Irwin School Core Values

The Agnes Irwin School’s core values—excellence, character, community, and respect—are singular ideas. This strategic plan evolves these values to be more action-oriented and meaningful, to better encapsulate all that drives us, and to affirm our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Our School’s Core Values

Our Core Values are the code by which we live—the principles upon which we make our decisions. They are the heart and soul of The Agnes Irwin School.

Lead With Character

We are courageous leaders who model empathy and compassion. We embody honesty, kindness, and personal integrity in all that we say and do.

Strive For Excellence

We encourage and support each other to tenaciously reach our fullest potential as we demonstrate resilience and champion greatness in all our pursuits.

Respect and Celebrate All

We treat all with dignity and respect, welcoming differences in backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We foster an inclusive environment where everyone is valued, contributions are celebrated, and community is cherished.

Nurture Passions and Wellbeing

We nurture a love of learning and academic success by cultivating individual passions and the pursuit of our own unique path, supporting the whole person in wellness and wellbeing.

Foster Trust and Community

We build trust through openness and understanding, fostering supportive relationships, deep connections, safe risk-taking, and the space to be our best selves.

Our Strategic Plan

To realize a future where each girl achieves her own boundless vision of success, we commit to intellectual curiosity, personal wellbeing, authentic inclusivity, and courageous leadership.

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